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With Zugata & Zenefits together, you can start creating a high-performance culture in your company

Sync with Zenefits

We'll do the heavy lifting

When you integrate Zugata with Zenefits, the integration will do the heavy lifting so that you can focus on building a high-performance culture by:

Inviting new employees

to Zugata during the hiring process

Syncing any changes

to your organizational structure with Zugata

Deactivating an employee's account

in Zugata during the termination process.

Continuous Feedback

We're redefining
performance management

at 1,000+ companies

"We chose Zugata for two reasons: One, Zugata was philosophically in lock step with how we think about performance management and it shows in the way they've built their app; two, working with the Zugata team has always felt like working with the Greenhouse team."

Cheryl Roubian

Cheryl Roubian

Director of Talent at Greenhouse


“Zugata’s philosophy promotes a culture in which Gusties are able to stay informed about how they’re doing today, and empowered to grow and develop continuously."

Matthew Wheeler

Matthew Wheeler

Talent Development at Gusto


"Zugata is exactly what we were looking for in a data-rich performance development tool. The platform is an intelligent and creative hybrid of the most progressive peer-to-peer feedback approaches with a strong backbone of solid performance management.”

Mark Frein

Mark Frein

CHRO at InVision

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