Equip your employees to reach their potential

Zugata is officially a Zenefits partner!

Say goodbye to manually adding & maintaining employee information in Zugata



Zugata creates a positive impact in your organization

We help you improve your company's bottom line by...


Equipping HR leaders, execs & managers

With valuable team insights to make more informed decisions for talent & recruiting management

Cultivating a culture of shared success

With the right data to guide more meaningful career check-ins and create actionable next steps

Creating a high-performing culture

With continuous learning to empower your employees to own their professional development


Zugata has all the key essentials to help you
improve the bottom line



Align your entire company and create a transparent culture by allowing company, department, and individual goals to be visible to everyone in the company

Development Resources

Development Resources

Help employees improve their skills and help them reach their potential with personalized resources such as mentors, videos, articles, and more

Continuous Feedback

Continuous Feedback

Allow your employees to better understand the impact of their actions and behaviors with valuable, 360° feedback from the right people

Self Reflection

Self Reflection

Provide a framework for employees and managers to have meaningful check-ins throughout the year to track development and performance against goals


Individual & Team Insights

Help employees understand their strengths and areas to improve. And for leaders, help them understand skills & competencies across the organization


Employee Evaluations

Allow managers to quickly, objectively, and easily assess their direct reports and make more informed compensation and promotion decisions

“Every company needs Zugata to allow their organization to develop”


“Zugata promotes a culture which ensures Gusties are always informed about how they’re doing today and how they can continue to grow and develop.”

Annie Wickman from Gusto Annie WickmanPeople Operations


“Rather than looking back to rate someone's performance, we wanted to look ahead to create an environment where we could enable our team members to perform at their best. Zugata aligns well with our vision because it lets our team members receive continuous feedback from the people they work with and access personalized development resources.”

Ron Storn from Lyft Ron StornHead of People

“It’s a light-weight system which truly allows each employee to own their development based on insights. Every company needs Zugata to allow their organization to develop.”

Eric St. Aubin from Enjoy Eric St. AubinHead of Learning & Development


“We wanted to create a culture of continuous feedback to drive individual and company performance. Having moved from heavy annual performance reviews to match the pace of our business, Zugata at Jive Software underscores the necessity of frequent feedback, and gives employees & managers a lightweight tool to accomplish just that."

Amy Dobler
Amy M. DoblerDirector, Employee Success & HR Business Partner

“Zugata's automation, analytics and ease of use is powerful and unique in the market today. Zugata is one of the only applications that our employees like to use because they can see that it was built for them."

Jenilee DealPreviously Head of Employee Success

internet marketing, inc

“We here at IMI love using Zugata. We ended up choosing Zugata for its seamless integration with our other HRIS tools. In our first month of using Zugata, all employee reviews were completed within three weeks, and every employee and manager felt it was the best employee review process that they had ever used."

Jennifer Johnson, SPHR Director of People and Culture

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Say goodbye to the hassle of manually adding and maintaining employee information.