Equip your employees to reach their potential

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Equip your employees to reach their potential

Join 400+ other companies who are hopping on the bandwagon


Zugata is a more holistic approach to performance management

Join Lyft, Gusto, Gainsight, and 400+ other companies who are hopping on the bandwagon to...

Empower employees to develop & grow

We help employees understand themselves, track their progress, & develop their skills. All in all, Zugata takes employees to the next level to succeed and reach their potential.

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Enable managers to support their teams

We help managers become better leaders by understanding their team's strengths & areas to improve. We've simplified the entire process of evaluating employees.

Equip HR teams to keep the company thriving

We help HR teams understand what's working & where to invest to create a high-performing culture. We provide key organizational insights so that you can be the hero in your company.


  • Zugata brings a fresh perspective to individual and organizational development routed in feedback. It’s a light-weight system which truly allows each employee to own their development based on insights from those you work most closely. Every company needs Zugata to allow their organization to develop.
    — Eric St. Aubin
    Head of Learning & Development at Enjoy
  • Zugata helps our employees give real-time feedback and provides our managers with an intuitive way to evaluate performance. This promotes a culture which ensures Gusties are always informed about how they’re doing today and how they can continue to grow and develop.
    — Annie Wickman
    People Operations at Gusto
  • Zugata's automation, analytics and ease of use is powerful and unique in the market today. Zugata is one of the only applications that our employees like to use because they can see that it was built for them.
    — Jenilee Deal
    Head of Employee Success at Gainsight