Equip your employees to reach their potential

Take control of your professional growth with Zugata + Slack

We help you reach your potential by giving you the feedback, the progress tracking, and the resources you need and want to take you to the next level. 


Get the feedback you need to grow

We make 360 degree feedback exchanges simple & quick with a guided experience so you can get valuable feedback.

Track your development progress

You’ll understand your strengths and areas to improve from your feedback and track changes over time.

Improve your skills with personalized resources

We match you with experts within your company to reach out to and a variety of resources so you have an action plan to develop.



We start by figuring out who you work with

We automatically figure out who to ask for feedback and make sure the right people are taking turns giving you feedback. Zugata’s algorithms leverage information from Slack and more to understand who you work with, so you are always receiving feedback from the most relevant sources.

How to get started with Zugata & connect with Slack

To start getting the feedback you need and understanding your strengths and areas to improve, simply start by signing up with Zugata and syncing your Slack account.

Here's how to get started:

1 . Sign up with your work email. 

2 . Once you are signed in, click on the next to your your name/email address in the right side navigation and click on Profile.



3 . Scroll down to the People I Work With Most section and click on Set Me Up.

4. Select to connect with Slack.

5. You will be prompted to select a Slack team. Select your company’s Slack team.

6. And voilà! Let the magic begin. Every week, you will be selected to give feedback to someone you work closely with.


If you have any more questions, shoot us an email