Equip your employees to reach their potential

Our Prescribed Skills

Through our research and interviews, we have thoughtfully created a set of skills which will help employees capture the feedback they want and need to improve continuously.



Gone are the days when you can sit in your corner alone and get stuff done. In today's world, it is critically important to work effectively and collaboratively in cross-functional teams.

Initiates and develops relationships
Treats others with respect
Is approachable
Builds consensus across teams
Resolves conflicts collaboratively
Understands people's agendas and perspectives
Uses formal and informal networks to accomplish work
Brings conflicts into the open
Commits to team objectives
Mentors junior employees
Takes ownership





In today's cross-functional teams and matrix organizations, your ability to communicate effectively with a broad set of colleagues is critical to your success.

Explains complex concepts clearly
Articulates clearly in 1:1 interactions
Delivers effective presentations
Has patience to hear people out
Practices attentive and active listening
Writes clearly in customer-facing communications
Writes clearly in internal communications



Self Management

At the end of the day, your ability to get stuff done and make impossible possible is key to your long-term success.

Gathers relevant information
Includes others in problem solving, when appropriate
Makes timely decisions
Handles uncertainty well
Focuses on making best decisions
Allocates own time efficiently
Follows process and meets deadlines
Focuses on constantly improving
Strives to make the impossible possible
Anticipates customer needs
Develops relationships with customers
Focuses on improving customer satisfaction



Technical Expertise

And for all those software engineerds and code junkies, you have to not only be a domain expert but a generalist to be able to contribute anywhere that help is needed.

Focuses on coding speed and fluency
Refactors code without collecting technical debt
Diagnoses gnarly issues thoroughly
Delivers code with scalability & security in mind
Understands holistic picture
Designs simple, elegant and scalable systems
Provides technical vision & oversight to evolve the product
Focuses on becoming a domain expert
Becomes the go-to person when all else has failed
Contributes across many disparate areas
Well-rounded across all components in stack


Got skills suggestions?

While we are adding more functional-specific skills for product managers, designers, researchers and more, we would love to hear your suggestions.


Want to customize this list?

Skill customization is available for free upon request. Just shoot us an email at support@zugata.com and you can modify the skills, add new functional roles and make it work for you and your team.