Performance Management

Measure performance with our fully customizable, holistic approach to check-ins, goals, evaluations, and calibration

Collect feedback

Managers need to know how their directs are doing, which is why our user-friendly platform makes it easy to collect manager-requested feedback year-round. This ultimately reduces recency bias and increases feedback relevance. Managers can select who they want feedback from, or they can rely on Zugata’s Recommendation Engine that automatically suggests users well-suited to give feedback.

collect feedback easily

Check in regularly

Keeping open lines of communication between managers and directs is critical, and these conversations can take place easily within our platform to gauge progress. Within this view, employees and managers also have access to dossiers that bring up recent feedback, past self-reflections, and other performance data so that employees have all the information they need to reflect. Not to mention goal-setting capabilities that allow managers and directs to track progress, note blockers, and effectively achieve KPIs.

check in regularly

Evaluate objectively

Although more and more enterprises are moving away from traditional year-end reviews, we know you still need a way to objectively evaluate individual performance. Our flexible review module offers research-backed questions and bias-blocking dossiers to support value-driven decisions. With access to year-round feedback, self-reflections, notes, goals, and more, managers can evaluate employees in a holistic and efficient way.

evaluate objectively

Calibrate efficiently

We know performance measurement doesn't just end at evaluations. Our calibration views allow administrators to create a filtered list of employees who will be calibrated and are able to share details of that group with the calibration committee. No more printing reviews and peer feedback, removing the cumbersome process often associated with calibrations.

calibrate efficiently

Report robustly & intuitively

We know enterprise admins, business partners, and managers alike need clear insights into usage and progress across multiple dimensions. You can track goals and achievement across the entire company or drill down to individual departments, teams, or individuals. Our reporting engine also gives access to completion rates and rating distributions across different departments and teams for self-reflections, manager-requested feedback, and performance reviews.

report robustly

Customization for agility

After working with companies across industries and sizes, we know performance management processes aren't one-size-fits-all. That's why we've invested heavily in customization capabilities that allow you to customize question content across feedback, self-reflections, and evaluations. Plus, you can allow for rating-scale, multiple choice, or open-ended question types. We know teams are agile, so our platform is too.

customization for agility