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General Questions

+ Will my manager or HR have access to my feedback?

No! No one other than yourself will have access to your feedback. At a future date anonymized and aggregated data may be shared with the company.

+ Are my performance reviews and compensation tied to the Zugata feedback?

The feedback you receive is for your own personal use and growth and is not tied to performance reviews or any compensation decisions.

+ Can I share this feedback with my manager?

Sure, but it is completely optional. Zugata does not yet offer a feature to share feedback with your manager.

+ Will you ask the people I work with outside of my company to provide me feedback?

Nobody outside of the company will be requested to provide feedback. Feedback invitations will only be sent to those people within your company that you work closely with.

+ Where can I see the privacy statement?

The privacy statement is available at www.zugata.com/privacy.


How it works

+ How does Zugata know who I work with?

As part of on-boarding, you will link your work email (and Slack) to your Zugata account. Zugata then parses email and calendar meta data (To:, From:, CC:, BCC:, timestamp only) to create your social graph, which represents the list of people you work with.

+ Will Zugata store my email content and history?

Zugata servers will never store passwords, subject lines or content of your emails. We will only use the From, To, CC, BCC and timestamp fields.

+ Will Zugata store my email password?

No, Zugata does not store your email passwords.

+ How do I update my "People I Work with Most" graph?

To update your graph at any time, tap on ‘Import Your Contacts’ button in the My Account section.

+ What are Zugi points?

You receive 10 Zugi points when you provide feedback to someone you work with. You need 10 Zugi points to open feedback someone provided you.

+ What happens if I have a question about the feedback I received?

On the feedback card, you can tap on ‘Reply’ to ask your question. Zugata then pings the person who provided the original feedback and requests answer to your question. It then brings the information back to you.

+ Which email providers does Zugata support?

Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365 and Gmail.


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