Employee Performance

Discover how our product supports a robust framework that drives employee performance

Create a feedback culture

Feedback is the foundation of growth. Empower your employees with meaningful and actionable feedback from the right people—so it sticks.

Optimize for quality feedback

Allow your employees to better understand their skills and behaviors with valuable, continuous feedback from the people they actually work with. Zugata automates feedback requests based on work collaboration and structures feedback in a way that’s actionable for the recipient.

Continuous Feedback

Recognize a job well done

Recognize and reinforce employee actions with Public Praise. A company-wide recognition wall creates visibility into valued behaviors and traits and keeps employees motivated. Plus, it’s always nice to get props from a peer!

Recognition and Praise

Keep employees in their workflows

Employees and managers never have to leave their workflows to give feedback or praise. Do it all right from an inbox by using the Google Chrome Plugin and Microsoft Outlook Add-in.

Workflow Integration

Make it stick!

Zugata is designed to encourage participation and company-wide adoption. Our algorithms know whom to ask for feedback and ensure feedback requests are timely, fresh, and relevant. A points-based system recognizes active users, encourages reciprocity, and creates a culture of feedback.

Zugata believes in performance for the people

Personalize performance development

Create personalized performance paths by delivering on-demand development resources to employees based on their unique skills gaps and performance data.

Summarize employee skills in personal dashboards

Give employees and managers a clear picture of individual and team skills, strengths, and areas to improve with personalized Performance Dashboards. Progress charts help employees understand how their performance and skills are improving over time.

Performance Dashboards

Deliver targeted & on-demand development resources

Empower employees to improve their skills by delivering development resources and mentors based on their individual needs. Recommended resources make it easier for employees to take the next steps after receiving feedback. Take advantage of our resource library or integrate your own L&D content.

Development Resources

Expand your development library

Zugata partners with a number of companies to ensure you have a variety of content resources to offer your employees. Suggest classes and courses through and Skillshare, or pair employees with career coaches through The Muse.

Content Partnership

Align managers & employees

A strong partnership between managers and direct reports is key to employee success and growth. Enable a cadence of conversations around both goals and development.

Set and manage agile goals

Get everyone on the same page by setting and managing personal goals. Zugata allows employees to set and track goal progress, associate them with department objectives, and leave comments or flag blockers that require attention.

Align manager & employees

Allow employees to self-reflect

Give employees the opportunity to reflect on their accomplishments and drive a conversation about their development. Zugata’s Self-Reflections module provides customizable templates that support a meaningful conversation between employees and managers.


Take a quick note for one-on-ones

Give managers and employees a quick way to jot down notes for one-on-one conversations. Our dynamic notes feature is available in the web app and plugin so it’s easy to write down your thoughts as soon as they come to mind.


Get a peer’s perspective

Managers can request feedback from an employee’s peer for an additional perspective on his or her contributions. Request peer feedback at anytime, not only during an evaluation cycle, to help with ongoing feedback and coaching.

Feedback Requests

Run objective evaluations

Remove the pain of performance measurement with lightweight evaluation cycles, automated reminders, and helpful reports—all in a friendly UI.

Use custom evaluation templates

Take advantage of built-in templates to ensure consistency and mitigate unconscious bias. Flexibility built into the system allows you to meet different needs for different teams—and automatic reminders keep everyone on track!

Customizable Evaluations

Reduce recency bias with dossiers

Dossiers collect information on any given employee and present it in context so managers get a holistic view of their direct reports’ contributions and performance over time.


Run effective calibration meetings

Filter and save reports of select employees for effective calibration meetings or promotion committee meetings.

Views for Calibration

Improve your organization with data & insights

Use analytics to improve your process and strengthen your organization.

Manage a skills inventory

Get a clear understanding of skills at the team and organizational level to help with strategic talent planning and L&D programs.

Zugata believes in performance for the people

Track goal progress

Track business progress with goals. Have a clear view into the progress of company, department, and team goals across your organization.

Goals Stats

Slice & dice evaluation data

Know who your top performers are. Tailor reporting to your exact specifications by filtering evaluation data based on departments, levels, and other criteria.

Zugata believes in performance for the people

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