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Customizing Zugata

Making Zugata work for you & your company


Wish you could modify the prescribed skills Zugata provides to make them more relevant to your organziation? Or, wish you could add your own job titles in Zugata? Well, worry no more...

Zugata's administrator console allows you to customize Zugata to make it work for you and your organization. Yippee!

If you have gotten this far, you know you are the chosen one. As the administrator for your organization, you have the keys to the kingdom. But with this awesome power comes tremendous responsibility so you must wield it wisely. We put together this primer to help you plan and be successful in rolling out Zugata to your organization.

If you have any questions, please contact us at support@zugata.com.

How to Access The Company Account

Administrators can access the Company Account to customize Zugata by clicking on the ▾ in the side navigation. Note that the Company Account option is only available for admin users when they log in to the Zugata app. 

The first person to create a Zugata account in the organization becomes the administrator of Zugata and can be changed at any time. 


How to Customize Your Company Setting

Based on the email address, we automatically populate your company name and logo. In case this is inaccurate, you can update this on the Company Settings. To change the settings, simply click on the logo to upload a new logo or tap on the company name to change it.


How to Manage Your Users

In the Users tab, you can add new users to Zugata, deactivate users, assign job titles and managers, and give administrator privilege to other users.

Prepping to Add New Users

Before adding your users, we recommend that you have a list of your users with the following information: 

  • Employee's first and last name
  • Employee's email address
  • Department
  • Job title
  • His/her manager's email address

Adding New Users

Once you have that information, you're good to go! To add new users, simply click on 'Add' and select 'Add Manually'. The ability to import from a CSV file or by integrating with your HR system will be available soon. You could also have users manually sign up themselves by sending them the Zugata link: https://app.zugata.com.

Editing Users

To edit a user’s record, you can search for the user and tap on the results to access the user’s record. Here you could edit the user’s name, email address, department, position (job title) and manager name. You could also assign the user to become an administrator. Note that adding new departments and positions is done from the Skills interface (see below).


How to Add & Manage Skills

You can customize skills for each job title in your organization. For example, all developers could have one set of skills while all sales personnel could have a different set of skills. You could also create skills that apply to everyone in your company or everyone in a department irrespective of their job title.

Zugata provides job titles and skills out of the box that are visible when you first tap on the Skills tab in the administration interface. Skills are organized into groups called, categories.

Prepping Your Categories & Skills

Before adding your own skills to Zugata, we recommend that you to gather critical information ahead of time

Use our template to help you get started: 
📄 Download Default Skills.xls

Using this template:

  1. Consider which categories of skills should apply to everyone in your company. Document them in the spreadsheet. 
  2. In the spreadsheet, create a new sheet for each job title for which you want custom skills.
  3. On each sheet, document the categories of skills that should apply to everyone with that job title (Position).
  4. Then for each category in each sheet, add the skills that make up that category and for each skill, add the skill description (shows on the back of the card when users are rating each skill) and a set of suggestion for improving that skill.
  5. Once you have this in the spreadsheet, you are ready to get started.

Adding Categories & Skills

You can create new skills and categories for the work you implemented in the spreadsheet ahead of time.

Assigning Skills to specific Departments & Job Titles

Once you create categories and skills, you are ready to assign them to users based on their department and position (job title). To assign a category of skills to users, click on the person icon on the top right. 

  • To assign the category of skills to Everyone, simply select ‘Everyone’.
  • To use default departments provided by Zugata, click on  ‘Other’. When you expand this ‘Other’ department, you will see our default job titles like  ‘Software Developer, Product Manager, Product Marketing, Business Development, etc.’ Feel free to flush this out more with more job titles.
  • Or, if you like to create your own department, enter a new department in the ‘Add a new department field at the bottom of the list.
  • To add a new job title in that specific department, click on the ▾ on the right, enter a new job title in the ‘Add a new job title

Publishing Your Skills

Until you click on 'Publish', the skills and categories you created above are not visible to others. Once you assign skills to specific departments and job titles, you'll publish your skills. Click 'Publish', confirm it, and you're good to go. 👌

You can archive skills and categories that you do not use by dragging and dropping to the Archive area at the bottom of the screen.



To help you customize Zugata to fit your needs, it is important to understand the terminology and interdependencies.

  • Member - An employee who is a registered Zugata user who can give and receive feedback
  • Position - The member’s position (or job title) in your company 
  • Department - The department (or business unit) that the member belongs to
  • Admin - A registered user who can customize Zugata for the organization
  • Manager - A registered user who also manages one or more users in the organization
  • Deactivated - A deactivated user will no longer receive feedback or be asked to provide feedback to others
  • Skills - A skill, competency or value that can be selected as either a strength or not-yet-a-strength when providing feedback to an employee. The administrator can customize skills for each ‘Position’ in the company. 
  • Skill Description - A description that documents the skill. The description is displayed on the back of the card showing the skill. Users can see the skill description on the back of the card by tapping on the ‘i’ icon on the card.
  • Category - A collection of related skills is grouped as a Category. Zugata aggregates all feedback data to show a summary view. 
  • Mentors - Mentors are members who excels at a particular skill.

If you have any more questions, shoot us an email