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“Zugata’s philosophy promotes a culture in which Gusties are able to stay informed about how they’re doing today, and empowered to grow and develop continuously."

Matthew Wheeler

Matthew Wheeler

Talent Development at Gusto


"Zugata is exactly what we were looking for in a data-rich performance development tool. The platform is an intelligent and creative hybrid of the most progressive peer-to-peer feedback approaches with a strong backbone of solid performance management.”

Mark Frein

Mark Frein

CHRO at InVision

“Performance management is a pretty crowded space. There are a lot of options out there that all do very similar things. We chose Zugata for two reasons:
  1. Zugata was philosophically in lock step with how we think about performance management and it shows in the way they've built their app, and...
  2. Working with the Zugata team has always felt like working with the Greenhouse team. They’re smart, thoughtful, and were great partners to us long before we ever signed a contract.”
Cheryl Roubian

Cheryl Roubian

Director of Talent at Greenhouse

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“The ability to leverage continuous feedback to help our employees constantly learn and develop is critical to our long term success. Zugata's automation, analytics, and ease of use is powerful and unique in the market today. It's one of the only applications that our employees like to use because they can see that it was built for them.”

Jenilee Deal

Jenilee Deal

Head of Employee Success from Gainsight


“Zugata has made giving and receiving feedback seem so effortless. I can't think of any other tool that so seamlessly combines performance evaluation, continuous feedback, and goal setting while providing employees with resources to develop their skills. The amazing team at Zugata is a joy to work with as they are always listening to our feedback and requests.”

Anand Bheeman

Anand Bheeman

Head of Talent from Narvar

“We wanted to create a culture of continuous feedback to drive individual and company performance. Having moved from heavy annual performance reviews to match the pace of our business, Zugata at Jive Software underscores the necessity of frequent feedback, and gives employees & managers a lightweight tool to accomplish just that.”
Amy Dobler

Amy M. Dobler

Former Director, Employee Success & HR Business Partner at Jive Software

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Internet Marketing

“We here at IMI love using Zugata. We ended up choosing Zugata for its seamless integration with our other HRIS tools. In our first month of using Zugata, all employee reviews were completed within three weeks, and every employee and manager felt it was the best employee review process that they had ever used.”

Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson, SPHR

Director of People and Culture


“Using feedback templates has really challenged the team to think about how to constructively effect change, and to not just list positives. It really allows peers to receive feedback that pushes them to develop.”

Kashca Adeleye

Kashca Adeleye

Elementary Coordinator from Midtown International Schools

“It’s a lightweight system which truly allows each employee to own their development based on insights. Every company needs Zugata to allow their organization to develop.”
Eric St. Aubin

Eric St. Aubin

Head of Learning & Development at Enjoy

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