Developmental Feedback

Drive true behavioral change through continuous feedback with developmental resources in the same workflow

Gather feedback from the right people, at the right time

Gone are the days of employees working only with their direct team or managers, so Zugata's patent-pending algorithm sources feedback from those they work with most to gather meaningful, relevant feedback. By integrating with communication platforms like Slack or Outlook, Zugata then automates feedback requests to those within an employee’s Social Graph. This makes getting feedback easier—boosting engagement and enhancing feedback quality. Peers can contribute both quantitative skills-based feedback and/or qualitative feedback prompted by templates.

from the right people

Foster the right environment to create a true feedback culture

Psychological safety leads to a place where peers feel capable of giving each other not just praise (though we love that too), but also constructive feedback. By controlling manager and HR visibility. Zugata is uniquely designed for employees to feel comfortable exchanging actionable, constructive feedback that leads to real behavior change.

foster the right environment

Reduce potential bias, and make feedback more actionable

Giving meaningful, timely feedback can be a challenge, which is why we prompt givers with a set of research-backed templates to guide the conversation. Employees need specific examples of behavior, and suggestions for how they can get better in the future. Not only do these guardrails enhance the quality of feedback being given, but reduces the likelihood of bias.

reduce potential bias

Create a true learning culture with personalized developmental resources

Feedback shouldn't be given just for feedback's sake, but rather to help employees get better and continuously learn. That's why Zugata gives employees access to a dashboard to track their skills over time and directly links them to resources that address those specific areas they want to improve. Each employee has their own customized library of resources that applies directly to the feedback they’ve received—ensuring they actually get better without having to navigate to a new platform.

create a true learning culture

Monitor team progress across skills

Managers are given unique reporting capabilities to gauge team progress across a variety of skills. By keeping tabs on overall performance across department or role-specific skills, L&D leads can make intelligent, informed decisions about development content or programs as well as strategic talent decisions.

monitor team progress