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Managers: How to Request Feedback about Your Direct Reports


Managers can ask colleagues for feedback about their direct reports at anytime. This peer feedback is critical for managers to have meaningful 1:1 conversations with their direct reports and also for assessing them during employee evaluations.

Request feedback

To ask for this feedback, managers can go to the My Company and search in the Everyone tab for an individual they want feedback from. They can also go straight into the requesting interface by clicking on Request Feedback in the left-hand menu.

During an evaluation cycle

You can also request feedback as part of reviewing your team in employee evaluations by clicking on "Request Peer Feedback."

Customize questions

Managers can now customize the questions they want to ask about their direct reports (up to three questions). One question must be provided to send the request.

Track feedback requests

On this Request Feedback page, managers can see who they have asked for feedback about their direct reports and who has responded. Feedback that is incomplete is marked as ○ and feedback completed (✓) can be clicked to see the response.

In addition, we highlight requests that have been made in your Inbox as a "completed" action. 

Read feedback about your direct reports

You will get an email notification when your request has been responded to. You can click the email link to take you to the response, access it via your Inbox, or go to your direct report's name in Everyone and click on the profile picture to see the history of feedback.

Note that managers can also access self reflections and evaluations by going to the Everyone tab and clicking on a direct report's profile picture.

Updated 2/15/17