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Sharing Evaluations


As an admin you have the opportunity to choose which questions in an evaluation you'd like for managers to be able to share with their direct reports. Any part of the evaluation can be shared.

Admins - How to choose:

  • Once you've created your questions, you'll arrive at the "Select Sharing" step.
  • Check the boxes for the questions that managers should share with their direct reports.
  • Preview and submit. You can amend this selection before the cycle's start date; after that, it will be locked.

A couple of things to note for Admins:

  • You can alter what is sharable until the Evaluation starts.
  • All shared evaluation questions will be marked with an asterisk (*) so managers know.
  • These are only sharable if you enable sharing, which is accessible underneath the question selection. You can enable this whenever you'd like (as soon as managers have completed their responses or after you have closed the cycle and locked in the responses). 
  • When sharing is enabled, managers will get an in-app notification that evaluations can be shared. It's up to the manager to share the evaluations.

How to share from a manager POV:

Managers can share single evaluations or easily share all evaluations with each direct report with one click. Here's the step by step instructions:

  • From the homepage, click on My Team.
  • Select the evaluation and the direct report to share the evaluation with.
  • Click Share to preview and confirm to share. 
  • To share evaluations with the whole team (i.e. each evaluation to the appropriate person), click on the "..." in the top right to "Share all".
  • Your direct reports will receive an email to access the responses.  

A couple of things to note for managers:

  • If the evaluation cycle has finished, you can't edit the copy of the questions or change your answers to any of the evaluation questions.