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Logging in with Zugata


Types of Authorization

We offer a couple of different ways to log into Zugata. To see what you're working with, go to app.zugata.com and type in your email. Here are the current offerings:

  • Basic Auth: classic email + password option
  • Google Sign On: Use your google email account to sign into Zugata
  • SAML Auth: This is how we integrate with single sign on solutions like Okta or OneLogin.

Depending on which one the Admin on your account has enabled you'll see the following options potentially show up on your screen:

For SAML & Google Sign On:

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 3.00.07 PM.png

For Basic Auth:

If you need to reset your password, just click on "Reset My Password" an email should be on its way. Just follow the instructions provided in the email to reset the password.

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