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How to View and Create Goals


“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.”
-Yogi Berra

The Goals feature in Zugata helps you keep track of new initiatives and areas that you want to grow in. Keeping your goals in Zugata helps chart out the new challenges you want to take on as well as create alignment between you and your team. 

Step 1: Navigate to Goals

To start with Personal Goals, click on "Me" in the side navigation, then "Goals". This will show both the progress of existing goals and also give you the ability to create new ones.


Step 2: Create & customize your Goal

To create a personal goal, there are several questions to respond to:

  • Due Date: Select a date
  • Priority: Rank the appropriate priority level.
  • Visibility: Make it accessible to
    • Your manager only
    • Everyone in the company
    • Yourself only 
  • Goal: What is your main objective?  
  • Description (optional): Provide more details on why it's important and how you plan to get there.
  • Key Results (optional): Share some measures of success

When you publish goals, an email will be sent to your manager if visibility is select to Manager or Everyone. 

Step 3: Viewing Goals

Your goal will start in the "Created" column and you can drag and drop it in the correct status column as necessary.


To see Department or Company goals, select from the drop down menu at the top. You can also go to "My Company" in the side navigation. Note: You will need Admin permission to create Department and Company goals.

As a manager, you can see all the goals of your team in one view with "Team Goals" under "My Team." 


Next Steps: Track progress of goals

Check out how to update or track progress of a goal.

Need help? Reach us at support@zugata.com.