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How to Get Started with Continuous Feedback


Welcome to Zugata! In this article, you’ll find resources on how to get going with more continuous feedback:

Sign in

  • Go to https://app.zugata.com
  • For our Free accounts, you can sign up for the first time here. 
  • For Enterprise accounts, your account has been created for you.
    • If using username and password, please type in the work email address your admin has identified and click on "Log in with password." Click on “Reset my password” to update your password and access Zugata.
    • If using Google auth, click on "Log in with Google" and use your work email associated with Google auth.

Update your photo and import contacts

As soon as you login, there are notifications to do these two tasks:

  • If you click on “Update your profile picture”, you will be able to change your photo (and earn 10 points).
  • If your company has import integrations enabled you can build your "People I Work with Most" chart. It will take a few minutes to complete the import using either Gmail, Slack or Exchange. We never look at the content of messages and do not store these passwords. This first import will give you 30 points.

After the import is completed, you will now see the Chart with people that you interact with the most on your Profile page. This becomes the queue of people that you will give feedback to. If you don't use imports, we have a baseline relationship created by your org structure. We will learn based on your feedback giving activity.

Give feedback

  • Go to “Give Feedback” on the side navigation bar. Here, you'll have the ability to assess up to 10 skills  randomly selected by Zugata.
  • Your options are to say “Rocking it” (You’re doing this really well) or “Getting There” (I think there’s room to grow ). If you cannot comment, you may skip the card. Please note, there is no “back button” here.
  • After the skills cards, you have the opportunity to write some qualitative feedback. Select the template that fits your intended message (select “Give me another feedback template” to see more options). Then complete the blanks with feedback that is timely, specific, and actionable.
  • Your feedback will be submitted with your name or anonymously depending on your company setting, and the next person will appear after submitting.
  • Remember: feedback is only shared with the person receiving the feedback, not the manager or HR.
  • Each time you give feedback, you receive 10 points, which are needed to open feedback.

Choose someone to Give Feedback to

  • If you want to select someone in particular to write feedback to, go to “Everyone” on the side navigation to see the whole company. When you hover over the person’s name, you can select “Review Skills” to write feedback.
  • If you want to see feedback you’ve previously given, simply go to the person in “Everyone” and click on their profile picture.

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Open feedback

You will get an email notifying you that there is feedback for you. You can also access feedback from "Inbox" or from the "Feedback" tab found under "Me" if you're already in Zugata. New feedback will be locked until you have enough points (10 points) to open it.

Once you open the feedback, you can see the breakdown of skills that someone reviewed as well as their written comments. You have the option to “like” the comment to indicate that it was valuable or you can write back to thank the person or ask for more clarification, either online or in person.

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Request feedback

  • Click on “Request Feedback” on the side navigation. You may select anyone in the company to give feedback to.  
  • You will be able to write a specific question about what you would like feedback on from that person.
  • The person will be notified by email that you have requested feedback.

Track your progress

The "Summary" page is centered around you and your growth. As you continue to get more feedback, we aggregate your skills and recommend personalized resources and experts within your company to help you improve.

  • You will see top categories (and can look at individual skills), areas to improve and top strengths. These are aggregated data from skills reviews (skips are not included).
  • Additionally, when you click on “See Resources” you will see development resources related to that skill (if they've been assigned by your company) as well as Experts within your company who have been ranked highly for that particular skill. These are people to reach out to for additional advice.

If you have any questions, please reach us at support@zugata.com.

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