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Editing Evaluations


After creating a cycle, Admins can flexibly edit their evaluations before cycles go live to their companies, as well as have limited editing abilities while a cycle is in progress.

How to edit your Evaluation:

  • From the home screen click on Admin settings
  • Click on Employee Evaluations and then the evaluation to edit.
  • At the top right, select the Edit menu "..." to view options for editing. 

A couple of things to note about editing:

  • Changing the end date of your evaluation will update email notifications to your managers if they have not completed evaluations yet. Please see more information about automated reminders for evaluations
  • Changing an employee's manager will notify the new manager by email that there are new direct reports for them to review. 
  • Enabling sharing will notify managers with an in-app notification only. They will need to take action to share their evaluations when they are ready.
  • For cycles that haven't started, Admins can edit:
    • Name and date of the cycle
    • Questions
    • Sharing - Which ones are sharable.
    • Directs -  Who should be evaluated.
  • For cycles that have already started, Admins can only edit the following:
    • Name and dates of the cycle
    • Sharing - Allowing/disabling managers' ability to share their evaluations.
    • Directs - Who should be evaluated.