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How to Create and Manage a Self Reflection Cycle


Self Reflections are an opportunity to ask employees to take a brief pause and share their achievements, their struggles, how they want to grow and how they can get help within your company. They are shared with managers so that employees can engage in a dialogue to share next steps. 

Setting up your cycle

As an Admin, you are able to create a new self reflection cycle and customize several aspects. You can also set up concurrent cycles if you'd like to target different questions to different groups of people. 

To create a new cycle, click on "Admin Settings" and head to "Self Reflections" to customize the following: 

  • Name and date (n.b. employees will see the name)
    • You can set the dates and time zones accordingly.
    • Employees can submit self reflections until you end the cycle, so the end date helps to trigger email reminders to them (see more below). 
  • Add questions
    • Customize questions for your employees or use our default ones. All questions will be required for an employee to submit.
    • You can choose to set up "Manager Prompts," which are a way to help guide managers on how to respond to self reflections. 
  • Add employees: You can select which employees you would like to be added to this specific cycle. 

Editing self reflections

  • Name and Dates: You can edit the start date until that date has passed. You can change the end date as needed. The name can be edited at any time (n.b. it will be visible to employees).
  • Questions: You may edit the questions until the start date of the self reflection has passed. Then you may view the questions.
  • Employees: At any point you can update employees (i.e. remove or add an employee)


Automated reminders

Employees will only receive in-app notifications when the cycle starts. Zugata does not send out start emails so that you can provide context to your employees up front.

Zugata will send automated email and in-app notification reminders to complete self reflections if they have not been completed seven days before the due date, and subsequently three, two, and one day before the due date. Reminders after the due date are not sent. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 12.33.59 PM.png

You may request that these emails be omitted by contacting support@zugata.com. In-app notifications cannot be turned off.

Reviewing self reflection progress

When you click on a cycle that's in session, you'll have access to view the self-reflection and see completion rates. You can also see if managers have read self reflections and how many of them left comments on these self reflections.

You may also download a .csv version of the progress for further data analysis. This option is also in the settings menu. 

Ending the Self Reflection Cycle

Ending a self reflection means that employees can no longer submit outstanding self reflections. Employees can continue to comment. To end, head to our settings menu in the Self Reflection summary. 

For help with setting up your employee evaluation cycle next, check this article out.

For any additional questions, please contact support@zugata.com.

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