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How to Create a Self Reflection Cycle


Self Reflections are an opportunity to ask employees to take a brief pause and share their achievements, their struggles, how they want to grow and how they can get help within your company.

Self Reflections are shared with their managers so that they can engage in a dialogue to acknowledge achievements and chart a path to move forward. 

Setting up your cycle

As an admin you are able to create a new self reflection cycle that will be sent to all eligible employees. You can edit eligibility individually in Users. 

  • To create a new cycle, click on "Admin Settings"
  • Then click on "Self Reflections"
  • This will bring you to the Self Reflection creation flow
  • From this screen, customize your questions as you see fit or use our default set of questions. Employees will need to answer each question to proceed. 
  • You can add as many questions you like to a self reflection.
  • Go ahead and add a title
  • Set the start and end dates for your Self Reflection Cycle.

You are now done creating the cycle! Employees will receive in-app notifications when the cycle starts. Zugata doesn't send out emails kicking off the Self Reflection cycle though, we do send out reminders though.


Automated reminders

Zugata will send automated email and in-app notification reminders to complete self reflections if they have not been completed seven days before the due date, and subsequently three, two, and one day before the due date. Reminders after the due date are not sent by Zugata. 

You may request that these emails be omitted by contacting support@zugata.com. In-app notifications cannot be turned off.


Reviewing self reflection progress

When you click on a cycle that's in session, you'll have access to view the self-reflection and see some stats. This is a quick snapshot of where the Self Reflection is, in terms of completion. Here are the things you'll be able to view and edit: 

  • Who has/hasn't completed their self reflections
  • How many managers have read the self reflections
  • How many managers have left comments on their direct reports' self reflections
  • Settings to change the name and dates of a cycle

Ending the Self Reflection Cycle

It's easy enough to end a cycle. This cuts off the people included in the cycle's ability to edit their Self Reflections. It's important to note that any Self Reflections not submitted will not be visible in the interface. Make sure to have all employees submit before ending the cycle.

  • Go to the admin interface
  • Choose a cycle that's in session
  • Click on the ellipsis in the right-hand corner.
  • Click on "End Cycle" then select "End it"
  • The cycle has been ended and Self Reflections can no longer be edited.

For help with setting up your employee evaluation cycle next, check this article out.

For any additional questions, please contact support@zugata.com.

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