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How to Create an Employee Evaluation Cycle


Employee evaluations are a way for managers to review how their teams are doing. It helps to identify strengths as well as weaknesses for teams, but also gives you an easy way of targeting next steps with employees, including training, follow-up conversations or compensation decisions.

Set up your cycle

An admin can set up a cycle for the entire company. Click on "Company Account" in the bottom left corner of side navigation and select "Employee Evaluations" to create a cycle.

An evaluation includes three parts for a manager to complete:

  1. A set of questions you can customize (or use our default) to assess what actions a manager should take with a direct report. The scale ranges from Strong No to Strong Yes. This part can be omitted.
  2. A customized list of categories that the manager selects for that employee as well as descriptions for what those categories mean.
  3. A notes section where managers can write additional qualitative information. The questions prompted can be customized by company.

You can see what the process is like for managers to complete an evaluation with this article

Change settings

Reviewing evaluation progress

You can easily track which managers have completed their reviews with the evaluation dashboard. You can get a high level picture of which categories your employees are being assigned to. You can also search for specific departments or managers and click to see what managers have said. Changes made by the admin will be tracked.  

Enable managers to share their notes

Ending the cycle


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