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How to Create an Employee Evaluation Cycle


Employee evaluations are a way for managers to review how their teams are doing. It helps to identify strengths as well as weaknesses for teams, but also gives you an easy way of targeting next steps with employees, including training, follow-up conversations or compensation decisions.

What's in an Evaluation?

Only Admins (HRBPs do not have access to this feature) can set up an evaluation cycle. 

An evaluation includes three possible types of questions:

  • Multiple Choice Questions
    • By default the scale ranges from Strong No, No, Yes to Strong Yes. 
  • Open Ended Questions
    • This is an area for free form responses based on your prompts. They will be able to refer to Manager Requested Feedback and Self Reflections by clicking on "See Past Feedback" to incorporate these notes.
  • Assessment Groups
    • This is a set of categories that managers and Admins can place employees into and later use as filters for employees in the cycle. This is particularly helpful for calibration sessions.

Important to note:

  • Managers and Admins/HRBPs can update all responses, even past the due date, until an Admin ends the cycle. 
  • Updates are noted in the activity log for each employee, along with who made those changes. 

Creating an Employee Evaluation

Scheduling and Creating Questions:

  • To get started, switch over to Admin mode by clicking on "Admin Settings" in the bottom left corner of the homepage.
  • Click on "Create New Evaluation".
  • Add a name, start date and end date. You can also adjust the times and time zones.
  • After clicking on "Next", add questions.
    • For multiple choice questions, you can amend the wording of the scale.
    • For Assessment Groups, you can only have one set. Descriptions can be added for more clarity.
    • Feel free to contact us at support@zugata.com for any recommendations! 

Sharing & Previewing Questions:

  • Choose which questions you would like to have managers share, if at all. (Here's a more in depth look at sharing). You can wait to enable sharing later (e.g. until after managers have finished their evaluations). This can be toggled before, during or after a cycle has ended.
  • Click "Next" to preview the evaluation. This will call out any questions that are shared with an asterisk (*).

Adding Employees Manually or with a CSV:

  • You can wait to select employees until a later time by selecting "Finish".
  • If you are ready to add employees, select either manually using filters provided or add them using a CSV.
    • Manually: Clicking on the box to the left of "Team Members" will select everyone in the organization. If you click it again, it will deselect everyone.
    • CSV: The CSV format is a single column of your employees' emails used in their Zugata profiles. Using a spreadsheet editor of your choice, export this single column to a CSV. To access this feature in Zugata, click on "upload a CSV."
    • You can add people to a cycle even after it starts.
  • Once you're satisfied with the selection, click "Finish".

Finalizing Creation:

Some final reminders show up once you have created your cycle:

  • If you need to make any changes to questions or what questions you'd like to be shared, these must be done before the cycle has started. Here's an outline of how to edit your evaluation
  • Send a start email to provide your managers with some context as Zugata does not send out these emails.
    • We provide a link to the evaluation so that managers can navigate easily to their evaluations. This is a great addition to any kickoff email. 
  • For more information on our automated reminders, check out our brief article.

Ending an Evaluation

Ending an evaluation will render all of the evaluation contents as view-only.

  • Go to the upper right-hand corner of the page and click on the "..."
  • Choose "End Evaluation"
  • If you have not enabled Sharing yet, select whether or not you'd like to allow managers to share their evaluations.


We're happy to help!  Please reach us at support@zugata.com.