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Zugata's Latest Feature Updates


10/10/17 Edition: Profile Updates and Notes

For managers, we've added more a more convenient profile view to the Evaluations process so that you can view past feedback, self reflections, evaluations, goals and notes as you fill out an evaluation. Instead of hopping back and forth, you can reference as needed and copy/paste with a click of a button!


For all employees, we now have a way for you to keep notes for future conversations and evaluations. Head to a person's profile (click on "My Company>Everyone") and jot down a few notes for yourself (this will not be seen by anyone else). 


08/18/17 Edition: Inbox and Tracking Feedback

  • To help you better focus on priorities in Zugata, we've refreshed our Inbox to highlight time-sensitive items.
  • Respond to feedback requests or search for a colleague all in one place on the Give Feedback page.
  • Have a clear picture of the feedback you’re requesting and sending to others with our new Request History and Sent Feedback areas in the app.
  • Easily give feedback and create your goals on our iOS app.

Read on to learn more...

Inbox: easily find your required To-Do items

This is your new homepage so you'll know what to dive into right away. We are surfacing several types of To-Dos at the top in a tasklist which includes any active:

  • Evaluations
  • Self Reflections
  • Manager requested feedback about your co-workers
Example of some tasklist items

Example of some tasklist items

In addition, we've removed a lot of notifications to clean things up. Notifications that confirm actions you've taken now have their own homes (see Request History and Sent Feedback below).

Give Feedback: respond to requests in one place

Most of the time you'll get email reminders to give feedback, and that email link will take you here. At the top, we have prioritized requests from managers about their direct reports. These are often linked to evaluations, but not always. They can be used for employee development purposes as well. 


Since you might have someone in mind to give feedback to, the search icon allows you to find anyone at your company that you'd like to give feedback to. After the search icon, we have a "queue" of people at your company that are selected based on a few factors: 

  • Those you have searched for
  • "Requested": People personally requested some feedback from you (this will have specific questions from them)
  • "Suggested by Zugata": A combination of your org structure (manager, direct reports, and manager's other direct reports), anyone that you've previously given feedback to, and people recommended from your imported connections

Request history: track who has responded to your requests

Any time you request feedback about yourself or for one of your direct reports, you'll be able to track that you asked the right people and if the requests have been completed. Simply click on Request Feedback to either request or track your requests.

Request History.gif

Reviewers are free to dismiss requests either because they do not have feedback at this time or if they haven't worked with this person in a while. 

Sent Feedback: track what you’ve written to colleagues

Looking to remember what you've written previously? Head to Me>Feedback and select the Sent Feedback tab to track what your wrote and to whom. 


Not to mention, we have even more updates on iOS!

Over the quarter, we’ve been on a quest to improve our iOS experiences on Zugata. Our iOS app is focused on the Learning & Development side of Performance Management. Here, you can easily give feedback, create goals and see how you are development. Through various explorations and iterations, we’re excited to announce a few updates to our iOS app.

Feel free to write us at support@zugata.com with any questions or feedback!

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