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New Updates on the Zugata iOS app


Hey there Zugata iPhone Users,

Over the quarter, we’ve been on a quest to improve our iOS experiences on Zugata. Through various feedback and rounds of explorations and iterations, we’re excited to announce a few updates to our iOS app.

Different ways to give feedback

We heard you want more flexibility on how to give feedback because different people give feedback differently. We now provide the option for you to pick your own way of giving feedback. You can:

  • Rate skills if you have nothing specific to say
  • Write a specific comment if you have your own style of providing valuable feedback
  • Use our feedback template if you don’t know how to write specific actionable feedback


See where you are in the feedback leaderboard

We’ve also heard how you love the leaderboard on the web app and wish this was available on iOS. And so, we made your wish come true to encourage a friendly competition in your company.

Easily input your goals

In the beginning of the year, we implemented goals to allow you to input your goals and see your colleagues’ goals. We used the same interaction from our web app, however we learned on mobile that it was as quick and easy. And so, we updated the experience of inputting your goals to be 3 easy steps - tap, type, and done!

Go ahead and try these new updates out!
And if you haven’t already, you can download Zugata’s iOS app on your iphone from the App Store.

For new users, our Zugata iOS app has more:

Agile Goals Management


Start getting a better understanding of the impact of your actions and behaviors. With Zugata, you to easily give and request valuable, 360° feedback from the right people.

Agile Goals Management

Development Resources

With over 200 resources like articles, videos, classes and experts, Zugata equips you with the resources you need to improve your skills.

Agile Goals Management


With the feedback that you receive, Zugata helps you understand your strengths and areas to improve. And over time, you’ll be able to track your progress and see those skills improve.

Agile Goals Management


With Zugata, you can easily add in your goals to create a culture of transparency with the people you work with. And with that alignment, your colleagues could keep you accountable and help you reach your goals.

All-in-all, our iOS app, has your key essentials to nourish your growth mindset and help you reach your potential. Go ahead, take a spin! And as always, we love to hear your feedback. Let us know what works and what doesn’t to help us continuously improve experiences. Please drop us a line anytime at support@zugata.com.

Together, let’s build high-performance cultures,
The Zugata Team