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How to Give Public Praise


Public Praise gives employees the opportunity to acknowledge their peers for their extraordinary actions. It builds a culture where employees feel valued and appreciated for their work. With our Google Chrome Extension and Microsoft Outlook Add-In, employees and managers can easily give public praise to a colleague while staying in their inbox workflow through.

To give praise in Zugata,

  • Use the Google Chrome Extension or Microsoft Outlook Add-in,
  • Simply, search for the person you want to praise.
  • In the feedback field, write your praise. Remember to be specific about how this person went above and beyond.
  • Click on the “Post as Public Praise” button.
  • Your colleague will receive a notification in their Zugata inbox that you gave them a praise. When they click into it, they can read your praise and can comment back like any other feedback.
  • The praise will also live in your colleague’s profile and is visible to anyone who views it. This is especially useful for managers, who can review public praise when evaluating her directs. As it’s time to reflect upon the quarter, they can see what they have done well in, as well as their managers.
  • The praise will be posted on the Public Praise Wall in the webapp, where everyone can see the all praises flowing in; it’s the wall of recognition. To access this, click on “My Company” in the navigation, then click on “Public Praise.”

Ready to start praising your colleagues? Get started by using our Zugata extensions:

And as always, we appreciate your feedback. Send them our way to support@zugata.com

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