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How to Complete an Employee Evaluation


Starting the evaluations

Evaluating your team

  • You will then see a set of questions and a list of your direct reports on the right.
  • For the first employee, select the most relevant reactions for questions if it's multiple choice. Or if it's an open ended question, follow the prompt. These will be a set list of questions set up by the admin of your company's Zugata account.

Referencing past feedback you gave your Employee

If you click on “Reference my past feedback,” you will see the employee’s self reflection, previous feedback you have provided to him/her, as well as other feedback colleagues have provided at your request.  You can also see previous evaluations and the employee's goals.

Adding your notes from previous feedback

The “+” symbol allows you to copy and paste this feedback to your Notes section. The ">" symbol allows you to see if there were any comments made.



Requesting peer feedback

If you click on Request peer feedback,” you can request others to give feedback about this individual to get more perspectives. This feedback will only go to you, not your direct report.

Selecting an overall rating

You will need to select an overall rating (determined by your HR team) and can write any additional qualitative notes before submitting. Managers can choose to share these notes with direct reports in the future.

Completing your evaluations

Once you are done, you may click on "Review Answers" to preview your responses before submitting. It's important to note that any comments you make can still be edited until the admin on your company's Zugata account closes the evaluation cycle. Also, if you share your notes, you can still edit them and the changes will be reflected in your direct report's "Evaluation" tab under the "Me" section.

After you are done with the team, managers will have the opportunity to see all employees reporting up to him/her and whether or not any direct reports have finished reviews. Additionally, it is possible to filter through employees to focus on certain groups.

Sharing Evaluation Notes

The HR team can choose to enable the share button for managers. When that is enabled, managers can click on this button to share the notes portion of their evaluation. Based on what the admin on the account chose, it will be shared with that direct report.


Can I make edits to my evaluations after I submit it? 

Yes, you can click on your employee's profile picture on your team list to go back and change answers. All evaluations can be changed until the HR team closes the cycle. Then everything becomes read-only.


If you have any questions, please contact support@zugata.com.