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10 Things We Know About Performance Reviews From Twitter


It's that time of the year. No, it's not just Christmas, but it's the dreaded performance review season. We've been skimming Twitter to see what people are saying about performance reviews and the sentiment is consistent - performance reviews as a concept is past its expiration date. Here is our top 10 tweets related to this topic. Enjoy it, but more importantly, ditch annual performance reviews in lieu of more continuous feedback.

10. It's a waste of time.

09. It's pointless.

08. It's uncomfortable.

07. It's annoying.

06. It's a headache.

05. It's a whole lot of work.

04. Employees obviously hate them.

03. And they rather be waterboarded.

02. Or they rather die.

01. Overall, what she said. ⬇ 


Jessica Phan