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Zugata is a new approach to performance reviews

We separate employee development from evaluation because learning and development are not a once a year thing.
Join 400+ other companies who think so too.

Get the feedback you need to grow

We make 360 degree feedback exchanges simple and quick with a guided experience so you can get valuable feedback.

Track your development progress

You’ll understand your strengths and areas to improve from your feedback and track changes over time.


Improve your skills with personalized resources

We match you with experts within your company to reach out to and a variety of resources so you have an action plan to develop.

Reach your potential

Zugata helps you get the feedback, the resources, and the progress tracking to take you to the next level. And it's only shared with you, for your development.

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Let's make employee success part of your company culture together


Culture of
Shared Success

Continuous feedback builds on trust and provides a way for you and your peers to help each other develop on a regular basis. When peers support each other, teams flourish.


Culture of

There's no need to wait for "that time of the year." Learning about yourself and growing in your target areas are ongoing.


Culture of

Personalized resources and a more structured approach to professional development make it easy. Take it to the next level with our Enterprise Edition!


Join the changemakers

Over 400 companies are using feedback to improve professional development and company culture.

High performing companies thrive on feedback – feedback about work performance, capabilities and of course style and behavior. New products that make feedback easy and continuous are revolutionizing the way we work, bringing people together, and helping us to improve our capabilities in all elements of our careers.”

— Josh Bersin
Principal at Bersin by Deloitte

“Zugata's automation, analytics and ease of use is powerful and unique in the market today. Zugata is one of the only applications that our employees like to use because they can see that it was
built for them.”

— Jenilee Deal
Head of Employee Success at Gainsight

Zugata helps our employees give real-time feedback and provides our managers with an intuitive way to evaluate performance. This promotes a culture which ensures Gusties are always informed about how they’re doing today and how they can continue to grow and develop.”

— Annie Wickman
People Operations at Gusto

Thrive with Zugata

Employee excellence starts with continuous feedback. Make continuous learning & development the norm for you, your team and your company.